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RE: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] April 2007 Endurance News - Ranelle Rubin

I agree with you Frank..! I enjoyed all the articles, but especially Dave's

Dave Nicholsen has a very good perspective in my opinion. It scares me to death that our sport may one day be in danger because people want to put the responsibility and then the subsequent blame on the vets for their horse's welfare. When a vet can get sued for the loss or injury of a horse because they let a horse continue that met AERC's perameters despite something else underlying going on, well...we are all in danger of losing our beloved sport!

At the Eastern Mojave ride Feb '07 on day two, I was impressed that he, as a vet was at a remote water stop (not a vet check, just buckets of water lined up in the desert) in his Jeep watching us come up to it..watching the horses, the riders, etc...a vet can tell alot more about a horse's wellbeing out on the trail than when they are "skillfully" brought up for exam. Dave has a way of looking at a horse's eye and knowing far more than could ever be recorded on a vet card!

I feel blessed to have been mentored by some of the old timers in our sport..now that I have finally been able to do a Duck ride..well...life is good!

Ranelle Rubin
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Subject: [AERCMembersForum] April 2007 Endurance News
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 11:52:56 EDT

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles in the April 2007 Endurance News.
For me, of particular note were these three articles:

1. Bill Thornburgh: endurance's family man - Callie Thornburgh
What a wonderful tribute to a man who lived his life as tribute to
those he loved. I felt the pride and love Callie put into writing this
wonderful piece.

2. Looking back, as a rider and a vet - Dave Nicholson, DVM
The Duck's perspective is always a "breath of fresh air" albeit air
tainted with the smell of a hot, loudly burping dirt bike driven by a
heavily-moustachioed madman looking for a trail he might never find...thanks, Dave.

3. Learn endurance riding before racing - Stagg Newman
Stagg Newman's article is, in my opinion, more relevant today than
Good on ya' , Stagg for writing this timeless piece of wisdom.

I enjoyed the whole magazine. There were many articles I liked, especially
some of the pictures of the riders and horses who "marked the trail".
Thanks for putting it together.


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