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[RC] Contract Terms with Trainers - Sharon Hahn

Oh dear.  Major can of worms.  Think of all the possible things that could go wrong and how you would like them handled, then write that into the contract.  My little paralegal brain is spinning with the possibilities.  For example:
- What will happen if the trainer is unable to finish the training?  Will they get compensated at all?  Consider what will happen if:  you don't like the trainer and don't want to continue, if the trainer gives up, if the trainer cannot continue for injury or personal reasons.
- What if the trainee horse dies or is injured and cannot continue training?
- Are you trading a specific horse? What if that horse dies or is injured before the contract is done?  Can another horse be substituted?  Who decides if the substitute horse is acceptable?
- Who determines when the training is done - what is "safe to ride"?
- What if it takes the trainer ten years to train your horse?  Can you terminate the trainer for being too slow?  If so, is any compensation payable?
I am trading a horse for this training. The deal is that my horse will be completely saddle trained and safe to ride or no deal. No matter how long it takes. The only money out of pocket is if for example: He needs a different type of bit. She will come to me with a suggestion of what she thinks would work best. I approve or deny then purchase the item. She will be training at my house. Which saves me a lot of headache. No i am not in cali.