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Re: [RC] Duallys - Truman Prevatt

We have some land in E. Tennessee and are up there from time to time. Linda is right on - if you met anyone on some of those roads and if either was in a dually - one of you would be in reverse for several miles till you find a road intersection. I have a dullay but there are a lot of places I just won't go up there with it.


Mary Sutliff wrote:
We drive our Dodge Dually all over the narrow dirt and gravel roads here in Washington's Cascade mountains with no problems. We're pulling a four horse bumper pull often loaded to the hilt. The problem I have seen at some of our more remote trailheads is that the craze for the newer living quarters trailers means that those folks can't get in the places they want to go & when they do manage to get to those trailheads they have an awful time getting out.
Our dually does have 4 wheel drive but we rarely use it.

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    Here in E. Tennessee the dually's can't cut it when you get into
    our twisting, narrow, gravel, mountain roads. They need more room
    to maneuver. Also I wouldn't own on without 4 wheel drive. We
    continually have to pull my borders dually out of the flat barn
    lot if it is the least bit muddy. We have to tow him to the
    gravel. I don't know what the deal is about it spinning in the
    mud, but we don't have to use the 4 wheel drive on our regular
    axle trucks when we are all parked in the same places. But now out
    on the highway it is another whole story, the dually's feel so
    stable but it is rare that I drive the interstate. Linda

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[RC] Duallys, LRN8554
Re: [RC] Duallys, Mary Sutliff