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Re: [RC] Questions For Trainers - heidi larson

Can I visit my horse anytime?

Can I watch your training session?

Can I be included in the training sessions at some time
towards the end of the month or 60 days?

How many days per week and how long is each ride typically?

How safe is the facility and by that I mean, can someone
show up and load up your horse and leave without being
stopped or questioned by an owner or manager of the

Does the trainer ride the horse, or one of his/her
apprentices?  This doesn't really matter to me personally,
but it's nice to know in advance who will be doing the work
and just how supervised are apprentices should they be the
ones riding.

Will there be trail experience or just arena?

Will they feed what you want fed?

If you can visit the facility while you ask questions, look
for cleanliness, do the horses walk up to the trainer like
the really like him/her, are there spur marks or sores in
the corners of their mouths?

Does the trainer adjust his/her protocol for different
types of horses? - sensitive horses rarely need spurs while
the thick-skinned may need to be ridden in nothing else.

What kind of progress do they expect to make in 30 days or
60 days or 90 days.  (And yes, I do understand each horse
is an individual and may respond differently, but a plan
you can sort of follow along with is important to me.)

Just a "few" I thought of.  Both trainers I've ever used
appreciated owners who were interested in the process and
encouraged participation by me.  I think that is the most
important thing to me personally. I've got friends whose
horror stories with trainers include rumors from boarders
that the horse was not worked/ridden but a couple days per
week and one gal told me that the trainer she took her
horse to would not allow her to come watch as he didn't
want his training "secrets" to be available to the
competition.  Can we say Red Flag!!?  


--- "geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx" <geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what
questions you ask a trainer. Usually, you find out about
a trainer or one that is advertising and you call them.
What questions do you ask over the phone to decide if it
is worth your time to have a meeting in person.

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[RC] Questions For Trainers, geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx