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RE: [RC] Barb's New Horse - Burnett, Elly

Title: RE: [RC] Barb's New Horse

People like that drive me crazy!  We have dirt bikers out where I ride, which is also private property.  My horse doesn't appreciate them much, but the guy I ride with sometimes has trained his horse to enjoy chasing them down.  Seems to work pretty well, too!

The other day, our neighbor's dogs were barking like crazy, and I hadn't thought anything of it until it didn't stop.  I finally got up and looked, and some snot-nosed little brat was holding the top of the chain link fence and kicking both dogs though it.  I came unglued, and was very close to running at the little kid.  After he flipped attitude at me, I was so tempted to grab him by the scruff and spank the sh** out of him.  Aaargh!  I'm sure the reason he was like that is because his parents don't pay any attention to him and all, but a spanking here and there never hurt anybody.

I haven't seen him in our parts since, though.  He'll grow up to be another obnoxious disrespectful adult.

[RC] Barb's New Horse, Bruce Weary