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[RC] Preride testing of a youth... - Spottedracer

As many of you know - I've got a 'almost 8 year old' horse crazy
daughter... and her 13hh SSpony - who can outdue, outjump and
outlast my fast bay mare...

So the child's been trying to prove to me that she's ready to be an
endurance rider... Every 3 weeks, I've been taking her with me to
Edwin Warner and doing a FAST 8 miles... Two weeks ago - we did two
laps (16 miles) in under 2 hours.. Darn pony barely had a sweat
going, heart rate as low as my mare - DOVE into her hay/water during the 

So this sunday (weather permitting) - I've challenged Katie
to 'prove' she could do three laps with NO complaining.... I'm
thinking she's going to prove it...

Yep, she has even decided to 'ride like Momma'.. Since she's never
had legs long enough to reach stirrups - it wasn't a big transition
for her to go to a bareback pad.. And she agrees that it's 'much
softer on the butt' than her saddle... sigh... now I've lost the use
of my 'training bareback pad'... She's even figured out that it's
easier to tack up with as well - so now she's even doing her wed.
jump training in my pad!

So I've secretly found - and ordered - a nice plush pink pony
bareback pad, neon pink rein/bridle set and a nice plush purple pony
western saddle pad/with matching padded breast collar and girth...
My mother's ordering her a pink helmet (she uses one of my schooling
helmets currently) and a protective vest....Granted, she loves the
neon pink padded britches I made for her over christmas...

I'm thinking she can join me the second day of LBL - when I'm doing
another LD on my bay mare.. I'm trying to figure out - how to have
kind've an 'impromptu' birthday party during the end of the ride
meeting the night before.. Maybe have the Fruthe's present her with
the 'presents'? She LOVED the awards cerimony at City Slickers
(haven't got her to shut up about endurance since!)... So I'd like
to also come up with some type of 'award' for them to give to her at
the Sat ride meeting (regardless of if she completes or not.. Maybe
a 'the most pink' rider award? **grin**)

What-do-ya-think? Bring cookies for everyone? Maybe find a pink
Breyer horse for her 'award'?

- LP (proud Mum of the 'pink' rider)


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