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[RC] Cougars - Maryben Stover

I cannot find Dawn Simas' emai, address so wrote to RC this afternoon but I guess it did not go through.  I was wondering her take on this.  We have a cougar, or possibly two, right next door to where my horses are in pasture.  The local pet retreat (dog kennel) has lost 4 sheep in the last week.  The last one was killed in daylight in the morning.  At 7:30 a.m. the sheep was partially eaten and the carcass was steaming and the blood was hot.  Makes me a little nervous.  My boyfriend heard some gawdawful screaming going on about 9:45 last night, and the kennel dogs going balistic, but the people at the kennel tell me nothing got taken last night.  She thinks it is maybe two of them fighting.  Their paw prints are 3-4 inches across.  They are almost within spitting distance of us.  I know they are big and the dogs are little but it would seem to me that cats don't like dogs and would stay away from the kennel.  Course the lure of the sheep would be too much maybe.  We are adjacent to a county park and there are lots of deer..........mb