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Re: [Norton AntiSpam] Re: [RC] Won't hurt? - Truman Prevatt

Wendy MacCoubrey wrote:
I think the only one thing that this does tell us is that a "paste" electrolyte was used! I have had the pleasure of working with Gayle Ecker who has done many studies on Electrolytes over the years and there are some real problems with pastes - I am going to see if I can get her in on this discussion! Allot of these articles do not make reference to the type of electrolytes used and that I find disturbing. This French article does not state the type or even if all the horses using electrolytes were using the same ones even. I spend some time at the race track and allot of these people are using Calf -lite it is a medicated calf electrolyte for sick calves not horses, when asked why they use this, most replied we were told to use electrolytes and this was all the information they were given! Big difference between Calf -Lite and a electrolyte designed for the athletic horse.
I think you have hit on a critical issue. Control of variables. Each paste is different. Each uses different forms of salts - particularly Ca and Mg. Each uses a carrier. Some have a lot of other stuff in it. If we are to learn the experiments have to be designed in a mathematically precise way so that the results are meaningful. I'm not saying that the French study is junk science - however, there aren't the details present to say one way or the other.
IMO option if you have to feed Maalox or yogurt to sooth the stomach something isn't working - there are some very harsh electrolytes on the market! I have put some of these electrolytes in my mouth to taste them and if someone was putting these down my throat I am sure I would get gut wrought and lose my appetite as well.
I look at a carrier as more to - cover the taste. I agree that if we have to select a carrier so as to prevent anything - then something is probably wrong. While I agree that P&W is the more palatable of the brands on the market there is still a salty taste. If possible I prefer to put the electrolytes in the food. My horse has no problem eating them this way.
How many of these electrolytes have been researched? PNW I know has been and Buckeye spent over $500,000.00 in doing so, when others were put to the test you would be amazed at the findings just ask Gayle Ecker what her research showed. One of the newer things - No sugar electrolytes, I think it depends on the type of sugars being used. There are also good sugars and bad sugars.
I believe that we should read these different articles and be asking the questions - There was a small post in Equus about a electrolyte study saying that electrolytes caused ulcers - When reading this it didn't say what type of electrolyte, paste or other - were they working horses or pasture horses or in stalls 24/7, where they on the same work program - allot of details were left out to draw a conclusion for the endurance horse (or your horse specifically). I do believe we have to keep this in mind.
Again an astute observation. I've stopped using paste quite a while ago. I'm back to P&W or old homemade mix (when I run out of P&W) I started using after a clinic given by Kerry Ridgway in the late 80's.

I'm like Angie I'll let others decide if riding without in the SE is a good thing. I just remember the days back when I started when I saw way too many horses peeing black during and after an endurance ride.

I've know one horse in the SE that did well without electrolytes. But "Booger" was one hell of a horse all around and not many like him come around often. Basing a recommendation for the average horse on a 5 sigma horse is not a smart thing to do.

Just my 2 cents

Wendy MacCoubrey
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Re: [RC] Won't hurt?, Wendy MacCoubrey