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Re: [RC] Endurance News Cover Photo - Feb 2006/Young Riders - DVeritas

In a message dated 2/22/2006 9:02:41 A.M. Mountain Standard Time, rides2far@xxxxxxxx writes:
I think if you wanted to make a point you chose a pretty weak example to make your argument, a picture of a mellow horse with a kid in a helmet leading it and no signs of activity around it...just doesn't suit your purpose. If that's a problem, EVERYTHING is.
First, I have no "argument" to make...you have benefit of knowing the horse.  The only "benefit" I have is of consistent horse handling techniques to help ensure the safety of children around horses. 
Second, the point I was trying to make is stated in the last line snipped above...and, you made that point for me.
Third, I was clear to say "if the stars lined up just right" something bad could happen, as it could in so many instances during an endurance ride.
Fourth, the parents have the say when it comes to their children.
Fifth, regardless of how "mellow" any horse is, something bad could happen.  I'm certain parents factor that in when determining when a child should ride, at home or during an endurance event, as they should.
The POINT (to the convolution of all of this)....how in the world can the AERC legislate safety and the methods each of us use at endurance rides?  By arbitrary age limits, by certificates of competency for adults and children before allowing participation at endurance events....where does it stop? 
I've never felt unsafe because of a child at a ride, but there have been myriad adults I certainly stay clear of.
This was "discussion", "dialogue", not accusation.