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Re: [RC] [RC] kids and horses - Sherman

After reading the AERC Rider Handbook a few times tonight, I don't see any rule stating that a rider must be able to control his/her horse. I guess that means a rider CAN legally pony another horse/rider throughout the entire ride? Not that it makes me think we need an age requirement, but I did believe a rider had to be able to control their own horse, which would stop very young children from being entered in a ride if their sponsor had to lead their horse during the ride. Or is there a rule that I just couldn't find? I also thought I read recently that one person could not use another rider's horse to tail up, but I couldn't find that tonight either. Maybe I'm confusing WSTF rules with AERC rules.


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Sherman wrote:

However, the current AERC rules do not allow a newborn, a 3 month or 3 yr
old to be tied onto & ponied for the entire ride since they are not in
control of their horses, right?

No. A 3 year old was ponied around an endurance course - 100 if I remember correctly - a few years back.

There is your precedent.

 Likely these institutions (Stanford medical school, Johns Hopkins
medical school or Harvard medical schools) would be happy to advise all
society on how we should live our lives. However, I don't see many basing
their lives on what "science" recommends.  Show us the statistics that
prove an age rule is needed.
 Truman wrote:
defending the fact that under the current AERC rules a parent could tie a
3 month old kid to the saddle and pony him for 100 miles. Under the
current AERC rule as soon as they exit the womb - they are eligible to do
an AERC ride. Is that what we really want? What Joe points out is a need
to bring some reason to the issue.
 And then:
 I suspect these institutions would be happy to advise the AERC if
approached. I would like to see any rule based on science.


"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former."  - Albert Einstein


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[RC] [RC] kids and horses, Sherman
Re: [RC] [RC] kids and horses, Truman Prevatt