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[RC] What If You Asked A Kid? - Ridecamp Guest

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What If You Asked A Kid?

This has been an interesting discussion. I made me think. I started out 
thinking. Leave it up to the parents. Now I think leave it up to responsible 
patents. I didn't want to take the joy of accomplish away from a child. Now I 
wonder if a 8 years old's feeling of accomplishment is the same as mine. I 
hated the thought of a child getting hurt or killed I still feel that way. I 
don't have any answers, but you made me think and I now have some questions.

What if you asked a kid?

If you told an 8 year old they can't ride endurance until they were 12, would 
they be mad, and for how long?

If you told an 8 year old that an LD wasn't real endurance, would they care?

If you told an 8 year old they can ride but won't get AERC points or miles, 
would it matter?

If you asked an 8 year old if they would rather camp and ride both Mom and Dad 
or ride endurance where Dad stays in the truck and Mom get mean, what would 
they choose?.

If you asked an 8 year old if they would ride if both they and their parent 
wouldn't get points, would they care? Does it matter what they choose? Would 
you still take the child if you lost your points by doing so?

If you asked an 8 year old if they thought riding with them was more important 
than riding endurance to their parents. What would they say?

If you asked an 18 old if the reason they don't ride anymore is really about 
finding boys or girls? Would they say endurance was Mom and Dad's thing and 
they made it work and sucked all the fun out of it, or would they be to polite 
to answer?

Is this a discussion about 8 year olds riding or how to have your cake and eat 
it too?

These aren't opinion,  just question. And just one more. Some people can get 
nasty on ridecamp when stating your opinion. Do you get that nasty around the 
campfire when at a ride? I just wondered, because during the winter ridecamp is 
my campfire with friends.

Rob and Annabelle

This is just my opinion. It may be wrong. I've been wrong before. If you
disagree, I respect your opinion. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. Please don't
flame me. I take back all I said I didn't mean it. I'll be quiet now. :-(

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