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Re: [RC] osteoporosis - Sisu West Ranch

"...The lighter your skin, however,
the more exposure to sun you need to make enough..."

That statement is backwards. The lighter the skin the less exposure you need. That is why N Europeans evolved to have light skin. The sun's intensity was less than in Africa, and most of the skin was covered by clothing most of the year.

The addition of vitamin D to milk pretty much eliminated childhood rickets in USA. When the Federal Government first required the addition to milk, it was opposed by lots of people on the basis it was not natural.. Scandinavian folk practices said that to have a healthy child, you had to take them outside every day, even in the winter! If your skin is light enough, this will give you enough UV exposure to prevent rickets.

My mother said that in her youth, which was before the Federal Government required Vit. D in milk, many of the Black children in her town had rickets. Rickets are now almost never seen, even in Northern inner cities.

Since it is the UV light that allows your body to produce Vit. D, sunscreens will also restrict the production of Vit D, along with preventing cancer and a tan. With the easy availability of Vit. D supplementation this is not a real problem.

Just another example of how our "incompetent" Federal Government often does the right thing to promote the health and welfare of Americans.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875

(406) 642-9640



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