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[RC] bitless bridle - CTH

Not all bitless bridles are created equal.
Dr. Cook and Allan Buck are in a lawsuit concerning the bitless bridle.
Allan Buck is the original designer of the spirit bridle.(bitless bridle) and Dr. Cook took his design. He was involved in the racing research.
Allan has improved and changed the bridle over the years.
The Spirit Bridle does not require the nose band to be cinched tight, the poll strap is a single strap and the cross over straps are rounded for instant release.
It does make a big difference.
When I read the findings of Dr. Cook on the pain ........... ect ect ect that bits cause horses and they are inhuman ect ect ect I personally shake my head and wonder where he came up with that.
I am not a trainer nor am I an expert rider but I know that my bit is not hurting my horse. If the bit fits properly why would it?
I just have to touch the bit to Sids lips and he puts it in himself. If it hurt he would stick his nose in the air , roll his eyes and refuse to be bitted. Yes some horses do that but I think it is more the hitting of the teeth or just bad manners that cause that.( Why doesn't Sid use a Spirit bridle "he loves his bit" but he rides fine in the bridle) I've seen hundreds of horses over the years doing all kinds of work and have not seen the bleeding mouths Dr. Cook refers to. How many bleeding mouths do we see at rides? His comments remind me of the people who say " I hate endurance because horses are run to death"
Statements made without the backing.
The Spiritbridle works on poll pressure.
Bits also work on poll pressure. When you pull on a rein the bit shifts and the bridle puts pressure on the poll.
The Spiritbridle works the same with a more direct poll pressure from the straps crossed under the head.
Tracey said her mare did not like the chin pressure. Really what horse wants their mouth strapped shut.
I will have Allan Bucks Spiritbridle in Texas so stop by and take a look.
He will have a web site up and running by the end of March.
Hope this makes sense. I have been sewing all day and my brain is trying to tell me it is time to sleep.
See Y'all in Texas