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[RC] Training Partners vs. Training Solo - Suzy Ticer

Until recently, my husband, John, and I trained together which was great, because it was nice to ride together and it made my horse work harder. Kidd has a laid back attitude and likes a walk or slow trot better then a extended trot or canter, while Toby would rather canter for 20 miles and hates to walk anywhere. We get to train on our road so we don't have to trailer anywhere.

Recently John has developed neck pains (we think a herniated disk) so he has not been able to ride until we get it fixed (soon I hope). So I am having to condition two horses by myself now.

Riding Toby, John's horse, has really made me a stronger and better rider. It is also interesting to ride two horses with such different personalities, styles and body types. I also want a faster horse now that I have ridden one. But it does take more than twice as long to condition both horses. I usually saddle and ride Toby first, while I am stronger, do whatever distance I have chosen for that day at a fast pace, then come back in, wash him down, and saddle Kidd. I do the same loop at a much slower pace and with more spooks. Kidd notices all the horse eating armadillos and deer when we ride alone. When we ride with Toby, he doesn't even notice any of those scary trash bags, signs, beer cans, and dead deer.

I don't mind riding by myself. It gives me time to relax and enjoy the scenery and views, but it was nice to ride with someone. Also I am more aware of what can go wrong when you ride alone. I rode Toby first last Friday morning. It started out great, very nice controlled trot for about 5 miles, then all of a sudden he decided he wanted to run all the way back home. I have never been so fast on a horse before. It really challenged my riding ability and all I could think of was don't fall off. He just would not slow down for at least 2 miles, though it felt like 10. Needless to say I did not ride Kidd on Friday after racing the morning away on Toby.

Hope to see everyone at the conference in San Antonio. I will be working the registration desk on Friday morning, so please stop by and introduce yourself. Be prepared for all kinds of weather in Texas. Yesterday it was 68 in the morning and 84 by noon. Today and the rest of the weekend the highs will only be in the 40's with possibilities of freezing precipitation.
Suzy Ticer
Johnson City, Texas


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