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Re: [RC] Is it possible-- reponse to Ed - Sky Ranch

Angie said --
This seems to happen pretty often...somebody plans *one* ride and it's
Tevis.  Why?   I'm just baffled by it but it seems to be a local thing out
there maybe? Something like that wouldn't even cross my mind for me to
ponder on it. I looked on the Tevis site, since I was thinking they'd added
a minimum mileage requirement but I see that's just for the rider. >>>

I believe the Tevis mileage requirement (yes, it's for the rider only) was
instituted to try to help prevent crashes from the inexperienced rider/horse
combinations at this very famous ride.  I think it's a good idea -- this
year it's a 300 mile minimum, I believe, and has to be from endurance rides
of at least 50 miles per day, or NATRC "open" miles.  I have over that
amount of miles in "novice" NATRC miles, but none of those miles would
qualify me for Tevis.  (And rightly so, I believe.)

I think people want to try to do Tevis (including me!) because it's a ride
they've heard of, even if they've never heard of AERC or endurance, or
anything else.  I confess -- I have my current, wonderful Arabian because of
reading about the Tevis Cup / Western States Endurance Ride in 1999.  I
thought it was a wonderful "concept" (riding all day in the mountains) but
knew nothing else about endurance, of course.  I did know enough to start
looking for an Arabian, and I found one on the internet, of all places.  It
was the best internet purchase I've ever made.  Of course, I did go see him,
ride him, and meet his owners, before I bought him.  At any rate, I've now
had him for 6 years, and have YET to make it to Tevis.  I keep hoping to go,
and at least now I know a lot more than I did in 1999, thanks to joining
NATRC, AERC, and reading posts on Ridecamp....

Carla Richardson  (another Tevis wannabee)


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