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Re: [RC] Having one's head examined - rdcarrie

<<what do you name a bay half arab/half paso...other than "oops" that is???>>
Ok, in addition to "Opportunity Knocks," here are a few other possibilities: 
Seize the Moment
Secret Tryst
Taking Chances
Forbidden Love
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Sent: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 21:37:32 -0500
Subject: [RC] Having one's head examined

Ok, I need to have my head examined.  I have decided to buy a 4 month old Paso Fino/Arab colt.  Just cause I like the mix, and I like the parents and the price is right.  I need a horse like I need another hole in my head, but here I am buying one.  He was an "oops"  when the neighbors Arab stallion got over the fence to a friends Paso mare.  The mare is pure Puerto Rican, the sire is supposed to have a nice pedigree, but was never registered.  (I'll get that information so all the Arab folks out there can tell me what his bloodlines are like on the Arab side!).  He should mature out at 14 or 14.1 hands and he is solid bay (NO WHITE!!!  I own a palomino and a leopard app....do I have to tell you what no white means????  Woo Hoo).   We don't know if he gaits yet, he only trots in the pasture, but I'll bet he will.  His momma is pretty strongly gaited.  He's got nice straight legs, a short back, and seems to be pretty nicely tempered fo r a baby.  Of course, at the moment his butt is about 6 inches taller than his front end, but that's typical baby...and it's really kind of cute!

I am bringing the little guy home on Saturday...can't wait.  I am now researching feed and stuff like that.  I know how I like to feed my adults, but have never raised a baby before.  I know about all the hay he can eat, and as few concentrates as we can, but I still want to make sure I'm raising him the right way.  So which concentrates...  Is it ok to feed him the 10% protein, 10%  fat feed I give the big guys? Or do I need to get something else.  I am feeding Seminole Perfect 10 to my old guys, and they do great on it.  I've been talking to Spot and Alpine, and telling them that they are going to learn how to pony, cause I think this baby is going to be out on the trail long before he's ever ridden.  I'm also having very serious thoughts about harnesses and driving....they can drive as young a s two at a reasonable pace...and without too much stress on their developing selves...we have nice dirt/sand roads.  

Anyway, I have annoyed the list long enough with my future endurance horse...who doens't have a name yet.  (what do you name a bay half arab/half paso...other than "oops" that is????)

Juli and the herd (of 3)
Alpine (yay....a new baby to play with.  I like babies.  And it means that she won't ride me nearly as much)
Spot (I don't know if I'll like being replaced as the baby)
Unnamed Colt (???)

[RC] Having one's head examined, agilbxr