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Re: [RC] National Forest -semantics - rdcarrie

Well, not exactly...it's not the FS selling the land to raise money, it's the Bush administration doing it, since they are not willing to allocate money in the federal budget to help support schools.  And it really has nothing to do with the FS not selling timber.  It's all tied up in a provision that was supposed to wean counties off of money from Nat. Forests in 6 years, etc.  Jim Holland did a good job of explaining it in one of his posts yesterday, so I won't repeat it all.
What we've been talking about is the administration's proposal to sell off Nat. Forest land to raise approximately $800,000 for schools.  One poster (posting as "guest") started talking about cutting trees and selling timber, and that's what muddied the waters.  But the real subject is the proposal to sell off 300,000 acres of National Forest lands to private interests, to raise money for the fed. government.  Many of us think that this sets a dangerous precedent in terms of a way to raise money.
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I believe what we are trying to say is:  If the Forest Service would sell timber off its land, which would bring in substantial money, then it would not have to sell the land itself to raise funds.  Timber harvesting, done right, does not have to ruin the land, and in most cases is actually beneficial to the forests and its wildlife.  If harvesting off FS lands is done poorly, the FS is not doing a good job of management and inspection.
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Please try and make it clear if you are talking about the sale of TIMBER on National Forest Land or the sale of National Forest LAND?I?m getting confused (of course, I?ve also been studying 10+ hours a day for the last 6 days, so who knows if there?s any causation here? J.) IMO, those are totally different issues.

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 My apologies...
The money from the sale of timber on Nat. Forest lands goes into the US Treasury.  Then it's up to the president, congress, and senate to decide how it's spent.  They've decided that billions are to be spent invading other countries, and now have decided to sell off Nat. Forest lands to get more money for (this time around) schools.  Wonder what the next "need" will be, and how many acres of National Forests they'll want to sell to meet that one?

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