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[RC] Clipping - smuncy

      I have and have not clipped when  I wanted to continue riding through winter. Down side, - clip alot, more than  a 'trace clip' -  a little along neck, chest, flank, back of hip;( I always left hair on legs,  most of body - and dried with  big towel, covered them an hour or so til dry and turned loose ),  You may end up blanketing alot of colder, or wet nights if  you clip more -  like "half" clip, neck, chest, most of belly, along flank and lower hip ; think some call it a 'blanket clip' - generally  havce blanket more. - ( means more work - for me, dealing with blankets, Am and Pm. I wouild not clip more after about first/mid sept, as in whole horse clip.  I did find if I clipped mid sept they were ok, and grew enough coat for winter,  and that I could ride through  late fall, without alot of extra cooling out/ blanketing - If clipped later  -  into late  Oct., then  I would want to blanket and/or  maybe stall horse  some during fall and  most of winter  nights- jmho )   
   I opted for  "my" 'modified clip' - don't laugh - but if  you can't adjust clipper blades to take off half length of hair,  I found if  I held clippers with my hand against horse,and blades at about 45 - or so,  degree angle, instead of flat against coat - I  could take off, just about half of coat, not like full clipping. 'You just give'm a trim'. May be worth a try. After  couple weeks - like someone posted, they will not look too bad.  : )  And horse cooled, dried better, and still had enough 'fur' to keep  them warm; unless, extreme weather - and generally blanketed then anyway - as  mine are out all the time ( meaning they get blankets if  - wet and  real cold ( near freezing, or looking stressed from elements), and wet/ windy  conditions, ie almost blizzard, or windy, cold rain.  Plus all hay can eat). Stephanie M