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FW: [RC] caught in the middle - Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk


I feel for both of you, and am afraid for all horse people as well.  I have heard form many  hikers that they would like to close the trails to horses.  We leave poop behind,  we make the trails muddy in the winter.  If people can lobby to have the area closed to motor vehicles they can be closed to horses at some point.  I wish that we could find a way to make everyone happy, or maybe make everyone unhappy would be ok as well.


Just my thoughts




Jannelle Wilde & Adam Falk

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From: ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:ridecamp-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Mom Alexander
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 4:36 PM
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Subject: [RC] caught in the middle


(Long)...I have just learned that all of the public land in our area (a HUGE area! Ocala Nat. Forest, Lake George Cons. Land, etc.,)  is being closed off to off road vehicles, atv's etc, and will be open only to hikers, mountain bikers, and horses.  This will take effect March 31st, 2006. 

    While this sounds fabulous to everyone on this sight, I can also see it from the other side, as I am "caught in the middle".  My husband is a "motor-head".  He used to race motocross, a lot, then when I finally convinced him that he was old he bought a Yamaha Rhino and a group of Rhino's and ATV's go out almost every weekend and ride the trails through these public lands.  I have been on a few of these rides and this is a group of middle aged guys and their wives/girlfriends out for the day enjoying the trails.  We would pack a picnic lunch, ride for about 4 miles, then stop for a break, then go some more.  Our group (I know there are some crazy, careless people out there too) always slowed down when we approached another rider, we ALWAYS cleaned up after ourselves and would pick up after others that didn't, and we always stayed on the trails that were fire breaks cut by the forestry, so we weren't out there "raping" the land.  I actually enjoyed myself on these rides.     

    But, I am also a horse person, have been all my life, and I ride trails on my horses too.  I too get pissed when a dumb ass comes flying down the trail on his 4-wheeler and doesn't care that he's freaking out my horse, I too get pissed when the hunters leave trash and fecal matter all over the trails, and I kinda hate those roller coaster bumps left by 4-wheelers (my husband says they're "braking bumps" caused by people gassing then braking repeatedly)  But, I feel for the other side too.  I am secretly happy that now I will be able to ride EVERYWHERE and not worry about an atv coming along, but my husband and his friends now have nowhere to go out and have a little good clean fun and enjoy the trails.  He will probably sell his Rhino and start riding dirtbikes again at motocross tracks (God help me) or have to trailer to Georgia to ride.   I think there is some solution so we can all enjoy the land.

                                         Just venting....Vicki