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Re: [RC] [RC] horse not backing or turning head well, and brain fried 'mama' - Dawn Carrie

My first thought is that he needs some extensive chiropractic work...he sounds like he is "out" in numerous places, and unable to flex. 
The positive blood test for EPM...I wouldn't worry about it...that only shows that he's been *exposed* to EPM...a lot of horses will return a positive blood test.

Dawn in East Texas

On 11/15/06, Elizabeth Chase <elizabethchase1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Has difficulty with neutral lateral flexion, or turning head side to side with
or without hand support more than about 10 to 12 inches. Can not retrieve treat
held by girth, about a foot out, regardless of height it is held at(to compare,
my mare is able to pluck a small treat off my boot toe while I am mounted
w/foot in stirrup, both independently and with direct rein).

When asked to yield HQ, he does, but slowly.... seems like with either great
mental or physical effort. He will go faster if allowed to move his forehand
freely at the same time.... like he is spinning from the middle.  Same thing
yielding FQ, wants to move his HQ just as much.

Ribcage seems stiff both directions.

Biggest concern: When asked to back, his HQ seem to shudder a bit, and he has
some problem picking up his feet and moving backwards. Seems willing to back,
but it 'feels' like he is dropping his HQ a bit.

[RC] horse not backing or turning head well, and brain fried 'mama', Elizabeth Chase