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RE: [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.. - Karen Standefer

I don’t work for the boot companies, but I can tell you that no studies have taken place regarding boots and alterations to hoof flight/loading or resulting stress of the internal tissues of the hoof/leg.


Most of the boots don’t even have a hind hoof pattern, so what you’re asking regarding a boot for each different type of gaited horse seems to me near impossible to comply with.  In fact, each horse (regardless of breed or gait) will load his hoof slightly differently.   If you need a custom hoof protection, then shoes are probably the better way to go. 




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Subject: [RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots..


I've just gotten off the phone. After discussing this issue with the two farriers I use (one with 40+ years experience w/flatshod gaited horses, the other with 20 years experience w/flatshod gaited horses.. Both also shoe many different types of 'working' trotting breeds..) As well as the four veterinarians at the large clinic I use... I've got a bunch of tough questions for you all to answer:

1. Has a scientific study/comparison been done, by a non-biased association? (Consumer Reports or a University that does NOT receive any funding by those manufacturers/retailers involved)
2. If so, how many horses were involved? What disciplens? What speeds? What distances?
3. If so, were any gaited breeds represented in the study?
4. If so, WHICH gaited breeds were represented in the study?
5. Of these gaited breeds that were represented, what actual gaits did these individual gaited horses use?
6. How much 'slippage' of the hind hooves do your boots allow?
7. Does your manufacturer offer boots with 'custom re-enforcement' for various stress bearing regions that differ depending on type of gait that individual horses use -or- is it a 'one type fits all'?
8. Does your manufacturer offer boots specifically made for gaited horses?

These questions are of EXTREME importance to those of us who ride gaited breeds. When you compare the wear pattern on the shoes of a Peruvian, TWH, Racking horse, Fino, Icelandic, Single-footer, Standardbred, etc; one thing becomes very CLEAR. Each breed and gait puts a much different torque and stress load pattern on their hooves and joints. Each breed and gait requires slightly different trimming and shoeing techniques in order to optimize gait and maintain soundness. And none of the gaited breeds puts the same stress load pattern on shoes like a trotting breed does.

Thanks for your answers!

- Laura P.


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[RC] Some tough questions for those that sell the Boots.., Spottedracer