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Re: [RC] Water Container for Truck - Diane Trefethen

Hi Lucie,

With respect to that smelly water barrel, I learned about 20 years ago to never assume that what looked or smelled bad to me would be received by my horses the same way... or vice versa. I had picked up real cheap two bales of gray rye hay. Yes GRAY. But heck... it was only $2/bale. Well, after the first feeding of the stuff, my horses near to mowed me down when I showed up to feed that evening and there wasn't a snick to be seen. Wow, I thought. They like rye hay. That's great to know. Fast forward a few months and over in Half Moon Bay I stopped by this hay barn and lo and behold, they had rye hay. It was green and beautiful and smelled to die for. I put two bales in my station wagon intending to order a ton or two as soon as I had fed from them. When I fed that evening, the horses looked at me and said as plain as day, "So? Where's dinner? You expect us to actually EAT that stuff? Are you nuts, Mom?" It made great bedding.

If you put water in that barrel, your horses may indeed not want to drink the stuff but don't assume so until you've tried. Fill the barrel and leave it 24 hours. Tie one of your horses to the trailer and hang a hay net, provide two big buckets of water, one fresh from the tap and the other from the stinky barrel and then wait to see what happens. If the horse drinks all the fresh water FIRST, don't use the barrel. Otherwise, your horse will be saying, "Hmm... this isn't so bad, Mom. Got more?" :)

If you don't usually tie to the trailer, do the same experiment in a pen that has no other source of water.

I'm trying to think of another way to carry extra water to the rides...
I've had donated to me by one of my traveling partners, a  large
barrel that has a spigot on the bottom, but this barrel must have had
olives in it as it smells to high heaven and I won't use that water
because I think if I can't stand the smell, my horse won't drink it.


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[RC] Water Container for Truck, LUCIE HESS