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Re: [RC] experience to be a mentor - Beverley H. Kane, MD


As a fairly new rider still in need of mentoring (and currently looking for
a mentor), just about anyone with more experience than I have can mentor me.
I call myself a "senior junior."

When learning medical procedures, like starting IVs or doing spinal taps, we
used to say, "See one, do one, teach one." There's a bit of machismo in that
motto, but once you've done something, you're the expert!

I'd be happy w/ a mentor who's done even 1 50 on her own. (Tho...I was very
fortunate that both of my previous mentors had done 100s and 1 had almost
15,000 miles + 6 Tevis buckles. Thanks, Jazon!) My wish list includes
  - do a lot of training rides with me, teaching me about pacing, gaiting
on different terrain, when to get off and walk, trail etiquette, and most of
all, eating and drinking and taking care of myself. Oh yes, and critique my
posting and overall horse handling, too.
  - be available and gracious for training & tack & trials & tribulations
  - "take" me to 50 mi rides(for which I would be happy to pay your ride
entry, share gas, food, etc.)
  -  do my 1st 100 w/ me

Experience is only part of what makes a good mentor. You also have to be
patient, forgiving, and a good communicator. "Damn you, put the #$*! thingy
in the whatchamacallit" is not especially helpful when I'm exhausted toward
the end of a ride, even if I -did- put the breastcollar on the back of the
saddle. Remember your learning process, too, even if it was 30 yrs ago!
(Sometimes the best mentors are the ones that only have a -few- more years
experience than I do, b/c they -do- remember their own learning curves.
Thanks, Sandy H!)

The amt of experience it takes to be a mentor reminds me of what I learned
in med school about what it takes to be an alcoholic. "An alcoholic is
anyone who drinks more than his doctor."

Get out there and mentor someone!


On 9/12/06 6:42 AM, "j marshall" <jen4marshall@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I would like to
be the mentor I didn't have when I started but I want
to have enough experience and really don't know where
that line is.

On 9/9/06 1:14 PM, "j marshall"
<jen4marshall@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My question is how much experience or miles does
one need to qualify to be a
good mentor?


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