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[RC] Competition expenses - LUCIE HESS

It can be a real issue financial for individuals to
put on rides, both Endurance and CTR.  One of the ways
that we help ride managers (in both AERC and NATRC)
competitions is to have the concept of a "Benefit
ride"  (AERC) or a ride sponsored by the Regional
Organization(NATRC).  How it works is that someone
wants to hold a ride and they ask for help. The
organization will loan the ride manager operating
expenses with the idea that any positive cash flow
will return to the organization after the ride, or any
losses will be absorbed by the organization. It really
works well. 
If we have a ride that is in the red for a few times
we may ask the ride manager to explain their expenses.
We may also make suggestions how they can cut a few
expenses in a way that won't effect the quality of the

Some folks will want to go off on their own after a
while, what they do is to ask for the support of the
organization, and return most of the proceeds, but
keep a small slush fund for the next ride.  That way
you have "seed' Money for the next ride.  A little
more of a gamble, but it works.
I definitely know how you can lose big bucks on a
ride.  I lost around $800 dollars one year putting an
AERC ride on in  Eastern Kansas in the middle of
November.  It sleeted and rained and hardly anyone
could get out of their driveways.  It was a miserable
ride.  We held the ride for about 10-15 diehards.  Our
local organization, OCER (The Ozark Country Endurance
Riders)  helped me with some of the expenses, but I
still had a loss around $300 dollars.  That was the
last time I managed a ride using my own money as seed
money.  <I'm not nearly as stupid as I look>  

Hopefully this email gives an idea or two  to folks
who want to put on rides, but can't afford to take a
financial loss.

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