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Re: [RC] timing of gelding - Dyane Smith

Heidi Smith wrote:
Proud-cut colts are indeed ones in which some part of the relevant anatomy is left behind--however, not the vas deferens (it goes all the way up the "cord" and is literally just a tube, hence no hormone-producing capabilities) but rather the tail of the epididymis, which is attached to the testicle by a ligament, and which can easily pull loose and be the length of the testicle away from the testicle as a result.  The old cowboys call it "the button"--you've got to get "the button..."


I haven't found the start of the thread on proud cut, so I may be way off base, but if you only look at a colt's behavior, not his ability to breed, isn't it possible that it is related to his pituitary gland output?  Do I have that right, Heidi?

RE: [RC] timing of gelding, heidi