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Re: FW: [RC] ok, TAX bad word - Chris Paus

Eeek! but then people have more children than they can take care of too. sigh...
Well, please don't lump all breeders in with what you have seen. I'd be willing to bet that MOST of us try to do it with the horses' best interest at heart.

karen coombes <karen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have known several breeders over the years.  Over-breeding of horses is definitely an issue.  The irresponsible parties in my mind are those who breed because -  1. they think little baby horses are just so cute!!, 2. they haven?t done their homework and think they are going to get rich doing it, 3. they want a baby out of ?this? horse or ?that? horse, and 4. they just don?t manage their herds and before they know it 13 or 14 horses is 27 or 28 horses.  Of all the breeders I have known none have made money ? one is getting close to break-even which is cause for elation (that is,,, providing all this year?s breedings took, all foals are born alive and healthy and none of the mares have any problems). 

Chris Paus

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FW: [RC] ok, TAX bad word, karen coombes