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RE: [RC] Old Mac versus EasyBoots - Dream Weaver

The only videos I've spent time looking at in detail are the ones I've made, where I've got one, two, three or four horses trotting in a group, some with boots and some without, sometimes shod, or not, with various types of boots. I can see the horses moving in sync together, or one horse moving the same in multiple videos, doesn't matter if they are shod, barefoot, or wearing boots with mine as they all appear to be moving the same and have adapted to move the way that is most efficient for them regardless of what is on their feet. Based on the # of miles they have all done either shod, with boots over shoes, or with boots over bare hooves I can't say that it mattered to the horse other than I think the benefits of having them barefoot the rest of their lives is immeasurable, and that I think the wear and tear of competition is lessened. I'm only posting about my own personal experience, my horses are in none of the EasyCare videos. What I can see in some of those videos that the movement appears to change because the video has been slowed down, exaggerating it considerably. Karen

At 11:38 AM 9/10/2006, Karen Standefer wrote:

Have any of the biomechanic or research professionals evaluated these
videos?  Or better stil, a live horse demonstration of the different boots
vs bare or shod?

I can see differences in flight patterns.  I'm just curious what other
people see.



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Re: [RC] Old Mac versus EasyBoots, Dream Weaver
RE: [RC] Old Mac versus EasyBoots, Karen Standefer