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Re: [RC] Old Mac versus EasyBoots - Dream Weaver

At 07:07 AM 9/10/2006, you wrote:
I've seen numerous horses literally tripping over their boots as they go down the trail.Just seems dangerous.

One of my horses (Chief) was enough of a clod when I first introduced him to easyboots (over shoes) that I didn't even try taking him out on the trail using them until he was able to travel with them competently. I would think that most endurance riders have pre-trained enough in advance to know that as well. I have weighed the metal shoes I had used on my horses and found that their weights and the weight of the boots that I am now using in their place is virtually the same. In videos we have made that show the horses moving with shoes on, barefoot, and with boots on -- they are all moving and landing the same way. The wear is the same, whether they are using boots or shoes, or nothing. Lots of high mileage horses, decade horses, and even a perfect ten horse have used easyboots over shoes quite a lot. I've got two decade horses and a third one half way there (with over 5600 miles so far) and really do believe that the concussion reduction that they have received as a benefit of using boots (either over shoes or in place of them) has contributed greatly to their longevity. Now if I have a horse trip I can blame it on the boots because I read it on ridecamp. ;-) Karen


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