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[RC] Hopefully not too off topic. endurance riders in other sports? - Aaron Turnage

When I've done some schooling shows with my boy there were just a few minor changes. I was able to tweak my existing equipment to get it to work.  Just strip your saddle down so it's "naked".  Those comfy EZ rides will have to come off for something a little more traditional.  =(  I'm assuming your riding english since your asking about the tights.  Basic tan or even black in a pinch would probably be best.  If your helmet is already black or even white you should be fine for a local show.  I had a hard time with the boots but was able to borrow a pair of boots (and actual velvet helmet) from a friend.  You might be able to get away with paddock boots and/or half chaps or a rubber pair for the riding class.  Halter/Showmanship is easier, you can do jeans or slacks with a jacket or nice shirt.  Most local shows, any long sleeve button-up shirt with a collar will work, think basic solid colors for the most part, unless your showing western, then you can get a little more "bling".  Check with the club first because some do have a dress-code and may require jackets, hats (for western) etc.  Ask the organizers to put you in touch with someone who may have some stuff to borrow so you don't have to lay out the $$$.  I bought a cheapy black leather bridle (it is real leather and the quality isn't too bad at all) on Ebay for less than $20, including the reins since I knew the bright blue biothane wasn't going to cut it.  =)  I've used it again when taking my first few dressage lessons so I didn't shock the instructor too bad the first time!
I did a couple local shows with my boy just for fun.  It was a pretty good brain exercise for him.  Getting him to slow down was tough, especially to that slow show lope/canter, we were lapping people on the inside!  I didn't take it too seriously and really didn't work with him much at all, I used to show and never really loved it.  It was good for my boy to learn about being in a group and close quarters though before we dared brave a group ride start!  Plus all the other things that come with shows like announcers, stands, banners, spectators, the warm up arena, etc.  I think the only award he won was Hairest Horse at the spring schooling show!  LOL  =)
~ Crysta & Sinatra (circles are pointless to me, lets actually GO somewhere!)
AJandCrysta at sbcglobal.net