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Re: [RC] [QSEndurance] Update on Tank - Jo Ann Knight

Barbara, Jackie 

Your right about the Oleanders being poisnous to children. I am also going 
to pass on some info that I heard on a gardening program. The short of it 
is, that Oleanders will also leach their poison to any fruit, vegetable 
trees that could be too close. Now I have forgotten how close is too close. 
the issue was discussed due to an incident. I do not know for a fact but 
suspect, if they are grazing grasses that are real close to those Oleanders,

then there is that possibility even if they don't eat the leaves. I had 
never known till this program about the roots. I could call Universtiy or 
Ag dept. here and or you could do same to check this out. 

I also suggest that like Barbra said, you might also check into local Ag 
Commissioners and get their take on the possibility of getting these people 
to cooperate in removing or cutting. In my area, if the neighbors 
plant/tree hangs over your property line, you have a legal right to clip it 
to that line and I do with some fir trees. I do not know if removal is a 
option but suspect that the proven poisenous characteristics would make it 
possible. It would have to be seen if there is evidence to back up what 
that gardener said on the program I got this information from. 

OK, good luck. I hope all works out well. 

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From: Barbara McCrary 
Date: 09/06/06 13:20:41 
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; TypeF (Jackie Floyd) 
Subject: Re: [RC] [QSEndurance] Update on Tank 

I am surprised that a neighbor would retain bushes that would poison a horse

(they can also poison small children, I've read). Barbara 

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From: TypeF (Jackie Floyd) 
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 12:52 PM 
Subject: [QSEndurance] Update on Tank 

So that started me thinking it could be environmental. I have been ignoring my 
neighbor's 20-ft tall Oleander bushes because I can do nothing about them. I 
can't even trim them without getting in trouble. The horses were 12 ft. away 
from them. Visit


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Re: [RC] [QSEndurance] Update on Tank, Barbara McCrary