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RE: [RC] WEG -- the USA team - John Teeter

All the stuff about who votes and who doesn't vote is a smokescreen

not true - the stuff about who has authority, the resources ($s), and the 
charter is most directly important and is not a smokescreen for anything (IMO). 
In the past, USEF has focused only on the international programs; as long as 
that focus is preeminent, there will be little impact on the AERC programs. 

But, as said b/f; USEF has the charter for National Endurance as well as 
International Endurance. It has choosen to allow it's national affiliate (AERC) 
to manage the National programs. AERC is not in a symmetrical position in the 
relationship with USEF.

My own feeling is that International Endurance Programs do not exist in a 
(National) vacuum - to be successful, the International program has to be 
inclusive of and encourage young (National) horses, riders, trainers, coaches, 
grooms, sponsors, vets, ride managers, etc.

There aren't enough FEI Officials in the US to have a broader program - USEF 
really needs to be ALL OVER that - AERC Convention chould be augmented with a 1 
day officials training course (USEF supported and financed) ...

Shared Sponsorship I've mentioned b/f. etc. etc. 

The biggest differential b/t countries I'm seeing at the international level is 
not the horses - (and it's not the AERC.vs.USEF issues - by and large, All of 
the National Endurance Clubs have some difficulties with their Federations:) ...

it's the average age of the riders!! Look at steph's recent Namibian 
experience. The NERA has @60 senior riders in the standings this year. It has 
@35 Young Riders in the standings - In the AERC there are @5000+ Seniors and 
maybe @300+ Juniors; In the USEF IHP program: @300 Seniors; @5+ 

AERC Endurance is not a family sport - AERC endurance is not a National program 
which is pro-actively encouraging growth in a way which is important to USEF. 
USEF is not proactively working with AERC at the National level. 

For example; The USEF could send the Junior Division AERC Champion to the 
international Young Rider championship! an easy and inexpensive promotion of 
the importance of excelling at the national level! Or better yet, USEF and AERC 
might jointly find sponsorship for a TEAM of young riders (again possibly from 
the AERC Division Championship) to represent the US in Argentina. It could 
easily be done THIS YEAR with the right cooperative focus from both 

Just thoughts b/f the thunder storm breaks locally.



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RE: [RC] WEG -- the USA team, heidi