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Re: [RC] Switching from green grass to hay before a ride - Lynne Glazer

And I just wonder if the percentage of horses on Bermuda (around here, where Linda lives) is so much higher that any incidence of colic is percentage-wise in line with its use.

I asked SuG a while ago about it, and she said that she prefers orchard for her herd, but thought Bermuda was fine too.? She's my small animal vet now, and hasn't been on e-mail in weeks, she said yesterday--which is too bad, I miss her presence here.

I really like being able to free-feed Bermuda, it's affordable, palatable, and <knock on wood> we've avoided colics here.? I avoid the short-stemmed stuff.? The 19 horses next door get Bermuda too.? Linda, did you check with Mike at Wildomar Feed?? He and his partner grow orchard in northern Nevada and bring it down here.? SuG gets hers from out of state, as well.


On Aug 17, 2006, at 11:26 AM, Jim Holland wrote:

Just once I would like to see ANY kind of study that justifies this position on Bermuda Hay. IMHO, this is totally unfounded.? A horse is no more likely to have an impaction problem with Bermuda hay with than any other hay.


I have never fed anything else.? It’s an excellent, nutritious forage and extremely palatable.


Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic


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I've been feeding Bermuda grass hay free choice, and a flake of alfalfa daily to my horses.? Recently my vet said Bermuda grass hay has fallen out of favor with the vets at the Murrieta Equine Clinic as they have seen too many impactions from it.? He suggested Timothy and Orchard grass hays as an alternative to Bermuda grass.? I couldn't find Orchard grass so I bought two bales of Timothy Hay at $22.00 PER bale.? This is in So. Calif.?(Riverside County)?Is there a cheaper source of Timothy or does anyone know of a source of Orchard Grass?

From Linda-k
Have a horse lovin' day!!!

RE: [RC] Switching from green grass to hay before a ride, Jim Holland