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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.4094 LD???Endurance???LD???Endurance??? - Chipnml

Oh my...the never ending LD/endurance gripe!  Let me first say that I have ridden both. I have many friends who do LD for many different reasons.  Here in the midwest it just doesn't seem to be a big issue.  We run LD, endurance and CTR all on the same weekend and I've never seen anyone treated badly because of the distance they ride.  I prefer the extra challenge of endurance.  And it IS an extra challenge.  I feel THAT should be recognized and acknowledged. You can squeak by doing or not doing stuff in LD that you simply cannot screw up in endurance without hurting your horse.  Ask anyone who has switched from LD to endurance.  I am hoping things will come together with my new horse enough so I can finally move on to 100's, and I know it will be a real wake-up for me.  I may even decide 100's are not my cup of tea and will gladly defer to riders with more grit than I!