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RE: [RC] Endurance News cover photos - Jo Ann Knight

Yes,  provide the juniours and parents an incentive to keep coming out to
the rides.  Family camp outs, nature, wholesome peer groups for both parents
and teens, and team work yada yada.

Today's LD juniors may be tomorrows Tevis endurance rider.  Helping the
climb that scale try to educate everyone about the spirit of endurance
riding and being an endurance rider vs LD, CTR and so on.  They all have
their place and to me sound like good stepping stones for the truely
competitive spirit to head to the top.  Thought one needent start endurance
at NATRC, LD or CTR.

We need to do something for youth before we lose them.  Maybe the pay off
will be that one of those youth's you encouraged will even start an LD and
endurance group at college!  Get it into that arena and who knows, the
Olympics!  In fact I think endurance riding should be an Olympic sport, it
sure takes team work, it takes blood, sweat and tears.  If horses can be
allowed to risk breaking their necks on jumps, they should be allowed to do
an Olympic endurance event with the appropriate vet checks and so on!

I hope the true meaning of being an endurance rider, and an endurance horse
will live on somehow and teaching people about it  and pulling them into it,
is one way to make sure that happens.

Jo Ann

-------Original Message------- 

,... the jr thing is 
sooo important to these kids. For one thing, a study (but I don't know who 
or where) once showed that girls into horses delayed the "onset" of boy-it 
is by approx 2 yrs. And when jrs are busy riding, they can't be busy 
getting into other trouble. 

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RE: [RC] Endurance News cover photos, Jody Rogers-Buttram