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Re: [RC] Call it Endurance? Long AGAIN <sigh>/LD BC - DVeritas

In a message dated 8/12/2006 12:58:35 PM Mountain Standard Time, tallcarabians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You want to use
it as a training distance, then you need to train for everything you have in
an endurance ride and that includes BC.
I'm not sure ANYONE can train "for everything you have in an endurance ride".
What anyone CAN do, is prepared theirr horse and themselves the best they can, i.e., training, conditioning and compassionate cooperation.
As a BY-PRODUCT of that preparation, SUCCESS, (measured in a way which is meaningful for the rider) is the thing.
For the AERC, success seems to be "To Finish Is to Win".
I prefer that those words apply to whatever is started.

Whether they should apply to a BC for a Limited Distance, I'll leave that to those who actually care about such things.