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Re: [RC] Arabs and water - Julie Fuller

Over the years I have seen some pretty funny things happen with horses and water.

A million years ago (Okay, like 30) I rode an arab stallion who would put his whole head in a trough, up to his ears! and drink and blow bubbles. The first time my mom was on him, and he did this, she frantically pulled his head up, yelling "What's he trying to do, commit suicide!?" I've never seen another horse do this, of any breed.

I have a pony who is part Lab, I swear. She'll dive in water over her head, and swim around in circles. Woe to the rider who isn't ready for that!

As for survival instincts kicking in, my mustang mare gets the award. When the water trough gets low or empty, she drops on her knees and drinks from the small seep in our pasture.... there is a spring there, but it doesn't have enough water in it in the summer to fill the hole up to where the horses can reach (It's our water in the winter, it never freezes) Of the 6 mares in the pasture, she's the only one I've seen do this, though the others will crowd around and sstttrrreeeetch down to try, they haven't figured out to kneel.

I discovered that little spring the first year I lived here.... Nat (arab/mustang/morgan) is no slacker in the survival department either.... she dug a little hole in the ground and would drink from it, even when the trough was full. I soon figured out it was a spring, and it must taste pretty good because all the horses prefer it to the trough.

To keep all this endurance related, we have a small creek that comes out of a spring-fed pond in our yard. Every horse that comes here spends time in the pasture the creek runs through until they learn to drink from the running water. That way I've got all the bases covered when it comes to water.... troughs, buckets, running water, and spring holes. Makes it nice on rides.... they've seen it all.



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