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Re: [RC] metric et al - heidi larson

for temperature in F try this trick, subract 30 and divide by 2 and you will come pretty close to C.  I grew up in a fishing resort in Canada and had to go through the conversion of the 80's, most people at that time hated it, but when it's forced on you, you do adapt.  So the trick for speed was to muliply by .6 and you're within a couple miles per hour and for C to F, double and add 30. 
see how easy!!

Pvan19@xxxxxxx wrote:
having been raised on metric I obviously believe it's much easier
and I do get really really frustrated when you guys discuss temps in F, it's just meaningless to me and I have a hard time converting ( ok, I think 80's or 90's is hot, right?)
However - the ONE thing I think sounds just soooo much better is 100 MILES, rather than 160 KMs!!
People often ask us ' why 160 kms in a day?' and we have to go thru the 100 mile explanation thingey every time!
for the confused and the lost: http://www.metricsucks.org/
ps I could imagine measuring horse shit in gallons per acre
From: "Karen E. Franklin" <FrankliK2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Many U.S. scientists tend to be "bilingual"  when it comes to the metric =
system.  Considering there aren't any scientific disciplines I can think =
of at the moment that don't have some sort of international community, =
we need to be.  As a geologist this certainly applies to me.  As far as =
meters go, you could consider geology "converted".  Because I don't see =
it as often, Kilograms is what messes me up, but distance measurements =
are no biggie.  My sister, a doctor, has no problem with Kilograms!  To =
apply this to endurance riding, my ideal endurance horse would be about =
14.3 hands tall, which is actually 1.4986 meters.  I am a mere 1.57m =
tall (after a good night's sleep!)  :))

Tulsa, OK


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[RC] metric et al, Pvan19