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[RC] metric et al - Pvan19

having been raised on metric I obviously believe it's much easier
and I do get really really frustrated when you guys discuss temps in F, it's just meaningless to me and I have a hard time converting ( ok, I think 80's or 90's is hot, right?)
However - the ONE thing I think sounds just soooo much better is 100 MILES, rather than 160 KMs!!
People often ask us ' why 160 kms in a day?' and we have to go thru the 100 mile explanation thingey every time!
for the confused and the lost: http://www.metricsucks.org/
ps I could imagine measuring horse shit in gallons per acre
From: "Karen E. Franklin" <FrankliK2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Many U.S. scientists tend to be "bilingual"  when it comes to the metric =
system.  Considering there aren't any scientific disciplines I can think =
of at the moment that don't have some sort of international community, =
we need to be.  As a geologist this certainly applies to me.  As far as =
meters go, you could consider geology "converted".  Because I don't see =
it as often, Kilograms is what messes me up, but distance measurements =
are no biggie.  My sister, a doctor, has no problem with Kilograms!  To =
apply this to endurance riding, my ideal endurance horse would be about =
14.3 hands tall, which is actually 1.4986 meters.  I am a mere 1.57m =
tall (after a good night's sleep!)  :))

Tulsa, OK