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[RC] Use of glowsticks - sherman

I know of at least one rider who did get pretty sick at Tevis & almost pulled due to a rider putting a glowstick on the crupper! It’s making me queasy just thinking about it. Please, don’t ever do this. Glowsticks should be attached low and only in front, not on the side or back of your horse.




Paul wrote:


Speaking of glowsticks, some people had them on their horses. They didn't  bother me until the moon went down. Then as the dominant light sourse they moved with the horse carrying them.. BAAACK  and FORTHHHHH,.   BAAAAAACK and FOOOORTHHHHH... UUUUP   and DOWWWWWN.. This can cause vertigo to those not used to it. ... It did.... It was like a visit to Six Flags at

Pushamataha Oklahoma.  Lucy Estabrook had three on her horse. We finished together, (she was 2nd, I was 3rd) and at the finish line, I thought my horse was  walking backwards. It was just vertigo.


All I know is he had a red glowstick on it's tail and as it went past us it went UUUUUUPPPP and DOWNNNNN  , BAAAAACK

and FOOORTH.. I couldn't watch it any more.