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Re: [RC] Oklahoma Hospitality More on The MSNM - RDCARRIE

OMG, Paul, I love your ride story!  <G>  Much more entertaining than mine!  I especially love your description of the glowsticks on people's horses  moving around.  And the ones looking like eyes at the turns...you're so right there!  hehe.  I'm so glad Kris and I were not riding with anyone who had them...I much prefer the plain darkness...the horses can see fine, our eyes adjust, and I carry a little headlamp in my pommel bag in case we need light for something.
Thanks for correcting me on the BC and first place info...guess I was half asleep or something.  LOL  I *am* blonde...can I claim that excuse?
Poor Marissa...I remember her getting the hard luck award for a mud bath...didn't realize it was quite so dramatic.  Glad she wasn't hurt...could have been bad.  Like you said, it's funny once it's all over and everyone is ok.  You'd make a great story teller.  :)
And those mountains...ok, hills.  ;)  Yes, they were some long ones...very deceptive.  Didn't look like much (except that last one right before camp) but they seemed to go on forever.  It was a more challenging ride than I expected.  Our horses did fine, and I was actually pleased that it was that challenging.  :) 
I nominate Paul to do the color commentary on all rides he does in the future.  :)