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[RC] Thank you from Char and Gali Tevis 2006 - Antuzzi, Char

Title: Thank you from Char and Gali Tevis 2006

I want to thank every one of your from the bottom of my heart that gave me encouragment through this years ride.
Your support to not only myself but to my family is incredible, you are all great. Horse people are the best thats for sure.

There were some things that happend on Tevis that were out of my control. I don't want to open up a can of worms, there were rude riders all about Tevis this year. I was stuck behind the ladys horse that wouldn't cross the ditch. I was stuck behind the man leading, very slowly his horse down the cayon that was holding up 15 riders, I was stuck in a starting "pen" that I had no idea I'd be in from the very start, so things just weren't good from the start. But thats not what this letter is about. Even though I kept thinking "Why is this happening" in reality, this is endurance. We don't always get to start where we want, we don't always get our camping spot, we don't always get to ride with our friends. But we do climb up on our best friend, early in the am, we do get to see Squaw and we do get to see a sunrise and lake Tahoe, that is what makes Tevis so special, no matter what. Heck, we even hear the screms of our friends as they make their way up and over Cougar Rock.

I was pulled at Michigan Bluff. Gali came into the vet stop with a heart rate of 59. My thought was, get him over to the vet right away, get him vetted through, let him get some food, water and a bit of a rest. Well, he had other ideas. Any one that knows Gali, knows we ride HIS ride, not mine. He shoved his mustang head into a bucket of who knows what and didn't even chew, he swallowed mouths of food. He choked and it scared me to death. Many of you saw me crying and very upset. I've never seen Gali choke before and it scared me to death. Big dork, maybe he'll take smaller bites next time, but then maybe not?

Right away, we treated him, I could care less who thought what, Gali's health was most important. He's a smart mustang and didn't want to swallow the nasal tube but we got it down him. Up came apples, carrots, rice bran, beet pulp, grains, etc. Not even chewed up, no wonder he choked. We hauled him to Foresthill and there I was given the option to take him home or take him to the fairgrounds where he could be monitored. I chose the fairgrounds. There was some concern he'd stuff his face again, so at least he'd be in a small pen, muzzel on his nose and monitored around the clock.

The vets let me spend the night with him, which I thank them to no end. I was in a fog, crying, a mess, worried about my best friend. I can't remember all whom gave me a hug, offered to help and told me he would be okay. But from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you, I really do.

Kevin and Dr. Cook were with me at Michigan Bluff and a wonderful vet at the fairgrounds, THANK YOU for your support. All the volunteers, everyone that helped me, thank you.

Gali is full of himself and he's locked in a stall. He wants out but I'm afraid he'd run himself around like a fool, he feels pretty good right about now. He gets a check up next week, but it looks like he's doing just fine.

I ride so conservative, anyone that sees me ride, knows how slow we go. It just goes to show you how quicly something can go wrong. It was a emotional ride for me anyway, losing my family member to cancer, then not getting a buckle, but I have a mustang that is here and there will always be another ride.

Thank you again, for all the love and support you've all given to Gali and I
Char and Gali... I can't believe I ate the whole thing, ugh...