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Re: [RC] [RC] call it Endurance? Long, probably TOO long - Barbara McCrary - KimFue

In a message dated 08/09/2006 11:26:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, paradigm@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I don’t give a rip what you call a shorter distance ride.  It amuses me how vehemently some have protested the use of the word endurance when related to shorter rides.  I wonder, do you all have a secret handshake to identify other members of the club?

I am not sure if you realize this but your comment about a secret handshake is just as offensive as some of the exact comments you found offensive.  I am not going to defend an attitude but I am going to say that part of the problem here is that AERC uses the word "endurance" to describe a particular distance.  It just so happens that the word "endurance" in a generic sense is also used freely on this list and in real life.  When I am going to ride a 25 mile ride I don't tell someone I am going to an LD ride but I am going to an endurance ride.  But when I get there I make the distinction between endurance and LD. 
Looking back to the origninal post of Cindy's  this LD conversation started because of using the term 100 mile award to describe THREE DIFFERENT RIDES.  A one day 100, a 2 day 100, and a 3 day CTR.  Cindy was expressing that 100 mile horse/award in endurance is a one day not a 2 or 3 day and that they not be the same award.  Within that same post she made the same comparison about LD and endurance.  She was referring to the official AERC definition of endurance as far as describing a level in the sport.  LD is a level in the sport and endurance is a level in the sport.  It is in our by laws regardless of how many of us wish it wasn't.  According to AERC, 50 mile is endurance and less than 50 miles is not.  You can't fault Cindy for using a definition that is in the AERC bylaws.  She was NOT referring to the generic term that everyone uses.  Look at the context that her statement was made.
I understand why you and other took or could take offense to her statements BUT in the context of the discussion my guess is this was more about definitions in general as in the 100 mile award including 2 day and 3 day rides.
It's really too bad that this kind of stuff isn't more clear.  I think we all need to be working off the same definitions.  It is really hard when here is this generic endurance term around that we all use and then there is a definition within the sport that is very well defined that is using the exact same word.
Can't we all just back off and quit with all the barbs, quit with pulling up ride records and making assumptions, and be just a little more polite.   
I would really like to get some more feed back on the question I asked earlier today.  Thanks Steph and Diane for posting some of the differences you have found between 50 and 100s and how you have bridged some of those differences.  I would really like to get more responses from 100 mile riders on the list.  I know there have to be more than two.
I am through trying to get this discussion in a positive direction.  I think 100 mile rides are a valid topic of discssion for an endurance list.  From my personal experience, I think there are a number of people out there that would someday like to do a 100.  I also know there are a lot of people out there that have no interest in a 100- reread my first post.  This should be a great place to bounce of ideas (like recognition programs, metoring ideas), talk about moving up from 50s to 100s, etc. but the discussions always seem to deteriorate into cat fights and personal attacks and vendettas.  I guess this is human nature, it is no wonder I enjoy spending so much time with my animals.
Kim Fuess