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Re: [RC] Defining Endurance-An explanation that works for both sides - Lynne Glazer

I haven't read all of this stuff because of being off shooting Tevis, but noticed it's taking up bandwidth for the zillionth time.? I wish, oh I wish we could just call the sport "Distance Riding" and endurance is a division within it.

I've always told people not in the sport that I'm a "distance rider" as I popped in and out of LD vs 50s vs multidays.? They all "got it".

Thanks, Kim for trying to bring clarity to the campfire

http://www.photo.lynnesite.com/Tevis, only the new trail above RF up yet

On Aug 9, 2006, at 10:07 AM, KimFue@xxxxxxx wrote:

Here is what part of the problem is.? Endurance is a generic term outside of AERC.? Nobody would have a clue outside of AERC if you stated....I do Limited Distance.? Endurance riding to other equestrians and all outside of AERC is a long distance ride that recognizes placing that is based on speed/recovery.? That separates it from ride and tie and CTR and Orienteering which are all distance riding events with horses.

Our problem is that we (and everyone else) uses the generic term "endurance" to distinguish this sport from other distance sports like CTR & RAT AND we use the term "endurance" to designate a level with the sport.? It is no wonder there is so much confusion.
Kim Fuess

[RC] Defining Endurance-An explanation that works for both sides, KimFue