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Re: [RC] Defining Endurance - KimFue

In a message dated 08/08/2006 7:53:06 PM Pacific Standard Time, sensei@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
The definition of endurance is always relative to the envelope that the
individual is pushing.
Endurance has many meanings and definitions.  If you don't believe me do a google search and you will get all kinds of weird stuff that has NOTHING to do with distance riding.  Yes, what you write above is true when you are talking about individuals and looking at case by case examples.  But I thought this slid into a discussion on the definition the "organization" chooses for endurance. and for 100s etc.  There has to be a standardization so when we are discussing issues and "endurance" or "100 mile ride" is thrown out, we all have the same collective definition.  For example, perhaps in CTR a 100 mile ride is always a three day ride and in endurance it is usually considered a one day ride.  So two people could be having a discussion using the same word thinking they are talking about the same thing and in reality they are talking apples and oranges.
I don't think anyone will argue that the individual may define his/her effort in the sport as "endurance" in any distance but according to our bylaws that accomplishment may not have been an endurance ride.  The individual's personal experience does not change the definition when it comes to how the organization defines endurance or endurance rider.  This is really not about the individual,personal effort but how the organization has chosen to define endurance.  You can't fault anyone for using the definition that is in our bylaws.  If this definition has become offensive or out of date for the distance riders in AERC perhaps someone should start a movement to change the bylaws to reflect this change in attitude.  I don't say this as a smart *ss remark but a serious recommendation.  If you don't like it put the effort in working for positive change.  If there are enough members that don't like this definition make an effort to make a change the definition.  Until we get a change in bylaws, endurance will be defined as 50+ miles and LD will be defined as 25-45 (?) miles. 
By the way, if anyone has been offended by my posts today please accept my apologies.  I do not want to force anyone to ride any distance that they don't want to.  I don't want anyone to feel bad if they choose not to ride 100s.  I only want to encourage and support those that have a one day 100 mile ride as a goal.  If it weren't for the support and encouragement of experienced riders when I started in the sport, I may have never made 100s a goal and I know I never would have felt ready to tackle a 100.
Kim Fuess