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Re: [RC] re: 100 milers - Ibiteraaarr

    I don't think anyone is arguing that you are more knowledgeable. What I've been able to ascertain from this thread is that some have commented about certain attitudes, in general, and/or yours based on some comments you made, more specifically. The reason why is completely lost on me. This is coming from a newbie who thrives on every word posted by veteran riders such as yourself, Heidi, Truman, Joe, Tom and so on. We KNOW that you've done this a long time. We KNOW you're a real endurance rider and that you've chalked up thousands of miles. We respect you for it tremendously and most of us probably strive to do the same. Why must you continue to reinforce that by insisting we acknowledge your accomplishments, whether through the use of hair-splitting terminology or that aformentioned "holier then though" attitude someone brought up. Based on your posts, and since I don't know you personally, I'm guessing you didn't intend to come across that way. I felt your posts were a bit condescending but I wasn't going to say anything about it. Other people had the guts to speak up. The real loss is that you do have a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap for FNGs like myself, but fear of being admonished and rejected would deprive someone of asking for your input. I don't post very often for that reason, but as of late I find myself growing tired of seeking the approval of that kind of attitude. I have prepared. I have trained and conditioned for the last three years. I have read the AERC handbook probably 10 times and several other endurance books. I milk Ridecamp for all it's worth. I am a newbie and I don't pretend to be otherwise. I know who I respect for their years in endurance, and they aren't the ones flashing their AERC records every couple posts.
Flame on.
Liz Dorner
SW Region