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Re: [RC] re: 100 milers - Jo Ann Knight

Bravo!!!!!!!!!  Well said and I'm with you on that.  

Sometimes what a person says doesn't always reflect their nature, but the
trouble is the reader isn't able to be inside their head and hearts to know.
So they must go by the syntax, sentence structure and tone, words etc..

So for the likes of us Liz, though I am not even in your class, some people
can set a tone that can truely put off the newbies, snivelers (waht is that
anyway! someone who doesn't want to do a 100? someone an old pro hasn't
tested and judged yet!).  

Also, in some schools of thought, a person taht needs to reinforce to others
what their experience and knowledge is sounds more like a person actually
trying to convince themselve.  But again, that isn't saying that is what
taking place here.  Just food for thought. 

Just thinking that maybe people can learn to communicate with respect on all
sides. I don't see that yet unfortunately.  Of course some, like myself can
flap their keyboard and not really "listen" to how they said things and how
it may "feel/sound" on the other end.  But then again, I am making
judgements based on my reaction to how some posts sound.  Oh well...........
..Jo Ann

You can't make a person learn.

You also cannot take away the knowledge one gains through their own efforts.

It can change, bemodified but never taken away.

-------Original Message------- 

From: Ibiteraaarr@xxxxxxx 
I know who I respect for their years in endurance, and they aren't the ones
flashing their AERC records every couple posts. 

Flame on. 
Liz Dorner 
SW Region 


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Re: [RC] re: 100 milers, Ibiteraaarr