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Re: [RC] [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - Cindy Collins - Jo Ann Knight

Well I just have to stop lurking and put in my two cents worth.

Both sides to this issue have their point.  The ultimate is that 100 in less
than 24hrs., or right at it.

But if you can't call LD an endurance ride.  I am talking 50's mostly but I
guess for some even a fast 25 could be "endurance" for a newbie--it sure
would for me!  I am 65, and two titanium knees and I am a wannabe!  I can't
start with a 100.

So your quite right Eric: Erick said: LD?s are a ?vehicle? to entice
newbie?s into the sport. 
Without that enticement people who want to treat their horses correctly
would possibly loose heart if they have to wait till they get to a 100
before they could think in terms of being an endurance rider.  I think all
of us who are on the bottom or the outside of all this realize what the true
endurance test is.  

Cindy I have read some of your posts and agree with you and I think it is
hard to separate what you really are saying from what sounds like , to some,
exclusionary remarks that would scare off newbies.  I think you have the
right idea about the true test of endurance. 

Cindy said: It's bad enough to have people running 
around saying they are endurance riders or advertising their horses as 
endurance horses when they've done a couple of LD rides! Cindy 

As for AERC, LD are not the same as NATRC, NATRC is not endurance as it is
practiced in AERC, or even endurance period.      But to do LD rides for a
season I think would mark one an endurance rider.

I would not consider a horse that has done a couple LD an "endurance horse"
but an endurance prospect in the making.  Maybe that horse will not go
beyond those two or even three LDs.  But LDs are paced and usually performed
under rough conditions as opposed to the NATRC style distance/trail rides. 
I have great respect for both organizations.  I would be encouraged to
finish an LD.  Very discouraged if I can't even have those miles count for
my horse, it isn't me, it is the test of the horse and the miles need to

CIndy said:  It's very offensive to me (and apparently 
I'm not alone out there) for a horse to be given a 100 mile horse award
without having accomplished a one day 100. 

I do agree with the above statement.  As an outsider and a newbie, wannabe,
a 100 mile award is like the Tevis or one of those, not an accumulation of
two 50's or 4 25s.  I do agree this is not going to give outsiders who want
in, or newbies the right idea about what it takes to get to a Tevis style
true 100 ride!  There are those out there, in the newbie and wanna be class,
who need a lot of work to get themselves to where they won't abuse or kill
their horse.  I see a lot of people who become "horsemen" the day after they
move to their new 5 acre horse rance from the big city!  They may be great,
but it takes time and few are prodigies that can step out the door and go 
hey I KNOW how to do this and bring a horse along safe and sound"!  I haven
t met one yet.   I grew up around horses and cowboying etc, and I have found
over the past several years that I know nada!

Well that is my two cents worth
Jo Ann



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[RC] [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - Cindy Collins, Erick Larson