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[RC] (no subject) - Sbolinge

I know this has been talked about alot but I guess it needs to be brought back up again - and that is the ROC..and how it inspired riders to do more 100 mile rides.  In order to even enter the ROC you had to qualify by doing a certain number of 100 mile rides. THAT was the goal..Planning a couple of years before hand and conditioning and riding rides accordingly.Having an event like Steph is talking about is great but we need  another great ride like the ROC that has the completion of a certain number of 100 mile rides as criteria for entry.. that is one really tried and true way to bring back 100 mile rides.  Also. the years of the "trailer race" seems like 100s were more popular.  So...someone should form a group whose entire purpose is to put together a ride on the same format as the ROC.. most important that riders have to qualify to enter.  Maybe Steph's ride will evolve into such a ride. Maybe a ride manager who has an established 100 mile ride would be willing to do two rides...their regular ride and then a ROC format 100 mile ride, And as that is asking alot of a ride manager...this "group" whose purpose is to put together a "ROC" would work with the ride manager to put the EVENT on.  We know having an ROC inspired more 100 mile riders...so seems that's the direction we need to go.