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Re: [RC] USA WEC Selection Question - Tom Sites

In the past i have allowed others to ride my horses in Endurance Rides even when they had never attempted one. In an event like the WEC when i had trained along w/ others of the Team and it was decided by someone not a part of my Team that someone else should ride my horse i would no longer be a part of the Team. They had their chance and if for whatever reason they did not have the horse for that day, thats the way the cookie crumbles and the dice roll. Nobody ever said its easy did they?

Consider me selfish. Consider me unpatriotic. Consider me a non-team player. Consider me whatever you wish, but if my Team meaning my horse and myself are not selected then count us both out. Thats my opinion and i'm sticking to it. ts
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Subject: Re: [RC] USA WEC Selection Question

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006 12:27:51 -0600, "Sisu West Ranch"
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I personally would not want my horse to be ridden by someone else, but I am from working class, third generation American stock. As far as I know my ancestors were city people and one Cornish miner. I'd bet that you would have a hard time finding a previous horse owner in my family tree for a couple of hundred years.

I wouldn't object to someone else riding my horse, if I knew and trusted the person and made the decision (which would include some input on how the horse was to be ridden). Kahlil had several other people ride him during his career.

I would absolutely not allow a horse of mine to be an alternate to  a
pool of riders, where I would have no say as to who rode him, and no
input -- unless I knew well, and thoroughly trusted, every one of the
prospective riders.  Especially in such a high-pressure event.

Oh, I'm from a poor working-class background as well; no one else in
my extended family has ever owned a horse or had any interest in
owning a horse.

Joe Long


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