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Re: [RC] US WEC Team Selection Question - John Teeter

> I would really like to hear a rational answer.  ts

I'll try:) Jennifer/Cheyenne are on the list of 10 "nominated entries" as a horse/rider pair. If, before Aug14, there is a decision to replace one of the designated 5 horses, it is possible for Jennifer to also replace the rider of that horse (i.e. both Jennifer AND Cheyenne could be swapped in). In fact, any of the 5 extra horse/rider pairs listed on on the nominated entry might be brought in.

But on 14 Aug, the USEF must submit a "designated entry" list of 5 horse/rider pairs + 1 alternate horse. At that point, the 5 people are fixed and can not be changed. If there were to be a horse issue between Aug 14 and Aug 21, then it is only possible to swap in the alternate horse (as there is not defined alternate rider in the designated entry list.

it would be hard to have someone else ride your horse at such an event I'm sure.

hope this helps.


(footnote: the nominated entry list also had 2 alternate horses listed in addition to the 10 horse/rider pairs. These horse might be placed on the designated entry list, but their riders (in this case Betty Baker and Heather Stevens) would not be able to ride them. (although this is a moot point after 3Aug b/c extra horses are not being shipped to Germany.)

[RC] US WEC Team Selection Question, Tom Sites